A Temperies is a magical being that holds within their soul the Tempera. The Tempera is magical blood that runs through the veins of very few wizards and witches. The magical being with the Tempera in their blood is called a Temperies.

The Tempera in the blood allows the Temperies to withstand a certain temperature to either extreme and not be bothered. Most are Calidum Temperies, which translates to Hot Temperatures. The Algus Temperies (Cold Temperatures) are more rare.

Calidum TemperiesEdit

The Latin word Calidum translates to Hot, therefore Calidum Temperies means Hot temperature. A Calidum Temperies can withstand extremely hot temperatures and not be bothered. This is the more common of the Tempera blood. Beings with the Calidum Tempera in their blood have been known to have fiery tempers, as well as redish skin tones and warm or even hot flesh.

Algus TemperiesEdit

The Latin word Algus translates to cold, and Algus Temperies means Cold temperature. An Algus Temperies can withstand extremely cold temperatures and not be bothered. They are far more rare than the Calidum Temperies. Beings with the Algus Tempera in their blood have been known to have icy emotions and cold demeanors, as well as pale skin and ice cold flesh. Algus Temperies are often mistaken for Vampires.

Known TemperiesEdit

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