Svetlana Narcissa Osdenage
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The Dark Prophesy Trilogy

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July 20, 1997

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Silvery blue

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Svetlana malfoy osdenage345354
"Guard your tongue! Svetlana is here."
"We all curse. She's going to grow up and do it behind your back until either she's too old for you to punish, or you're too old to care."
Lyra and Vesta arguing.

Svetlana Narcissa Osdenage (b. July 20, 1997) was a halfblood witch and the daughter of pureblooded Sjaanje Osdenage and squib Lyra Malfoy. Svetlana attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2008 and was sorted into Slytherin.


Svetlana's mother, being a squib, meant that she was cut-off from that side of her family. Lyra spent many years of her early life not knowing that she even was a Malfoy, though in later years learned of her heritage, and the fact that she had been disowned. This caused her to become bitter, and she moved her family to Bridgwater, where Svetlana was born and raised. This, however, isolated Svetlana from family who lived in Dawnsbrook.

Svetlana had a decent relationship with her half-brother Nokmour, who was three years her senior. In 2003, her cousin and aunt moved in with her family. This put a strain on her home life due to the odd tendencies of her family members. Svetlana began sleeping in her parent's room with them, so that her aunt could have her room. Soren shared Nokmour's room, but the boys fought frequently, often dragging Svetlana into their fights and forcing her to chose sides.


  • Dark Paradise
    • Christmas Break: Chapter 8 - Vampires and Houseguests (First appearance)
    • Christmas Break: Chapter 1 - The Other Malfoy


All information on this character was taken from the story Dark Paradise. All images shown on this Wiki for this character were chosen based solely on the description of the character in the books.

Please note that everything in this Wiki about this character is accurate and has many sources for its information. Thank you.

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