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Stecks Family
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Stecks is the surname of an old, pureblooded wizarding family. Their lines are strictly pureblooded, no known bloodtrairors are among their ranks. They are traditionally sorted into Slytherin, though one known member was sorted into Ravenclaw. The family motto is Nec cuplas nec metuas is Latin for Neither fear nor blame.

During the first and second Wizarding Wars, the Stecks supported Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters and opposed the Order of the Phoenix, losing both battles.

Recent Generation of StecksEdit

Hiniron Stecks - A pureblooded Slytherin wizard who joined Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters in the First Wizarding war and was killed. Married, he had one son, Karsus Stecks.

Karsus Stecks - A pureblooded Slytherin wizard who joined the Death Eaters in the Second Wizarding war and married Elegora Morensay, having a son, Jordan. Karsus was trialed at the end of the second Wizarding War and was sentenced to life in Azkaban prison.

Elegora Stecks (née Morensay - A pureblooded Ravenclaw witch of the well-known Morensay Clan, married to Karsus Stecks. Elegora did not approve of her son becoming a dark wizard, though she did nothing to stop her husband from training Jordan in the dark arts. Elegora did not fight in the Second Wizarding War, instead, she took her son and hide in a safe place, later being allowed free because she had no part in Voldemort's evil plans.

Jordan Stecks - A pureblooded Slytherin wizard and the son of Karsus Stecks (Death Eater) and Elegora Morensay. Jordan did not participate in the Second Wizarding war, he defected with his mother and was pardoned from trial because of it.

Jason Stecks - A pureblooded wizard and the son of Jordan Stecks and Salome Sulnyer.


The surname Stecks was derived from the popular Germanic personal name Stecho. The name Stecks is also of local origin that is derived from the Germanic word "Steck", which refers to a parcel of land. A steck was a tract of parcel land.

Gallery of MembersEdit

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