Maburdan Family
Maburdan Family
Family heritage
Blood status:

was Pureblood, now halfblood

Notable family members:


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The Maburdan Family is well known for it's loyalty and religious idealistic beliefs, as well as their tendency to lean towards the medical science. Though not exceptionally wealthy, they did own a vault in Gringotts with a hefty sum, more than most halfblood families. Like most pureblooded families, the Maburdans valued blood purity and morals, though did not as openly hate muggles and muggleborns as some pureblooded families.

The Maburdan Pureblood line ended when Alegui Maburdan married a muggleborn. Together they had a son, Koteis Maburdan, who in turn had a daughter, (Jaybin Maburdan) with a halfblood, Mirianda Snape.


The Maburdan Family came from a long line of Healers, most being fascinated in the mental health. The family motto, Magister mentium which is Latin for Master of minds shows just how obsessed the family line is with the mind.

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All information on this family was taken from the story The Boy No One Knew, Evil Little Follower and Dark Paradise. All images shown on this Wiki for this family were chosen based solely on the description of the character in the books.

Please note that everything in this Wiki about this family is accurate and has many sources for its information. Thank you.

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