Liavold Annyver
Character information

The Dark Prophesy Trilogy

Biographical information

1980 Limerik, Ireland

Blood status:


Marital status:


Also known as:
  • Lia
  • Voldie
  • Liavoldemort (by bullies in Hogwarts)
Physical information

Mostly Human with some Vampire traits



Hair color:


Eye color:


Skin color:


Family information
Family members:
Magical characteristics

Broom Maker




Liavold Annyver (b. 1980) was a mostly-human Half-blood wizard, the husband of Illumine Snape and father of James and Lisle Annyver. Liavold attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1991 to 1998 and was sorted into Ravenclaw. Liavold escorted Illumine Snape to the Yule ball in his third year and ended up marrying her in 2001. His son was born later in 2003, and his daughter in 2006.


Liavold grew up in a very wealthy family, and was a spoilt only child. He had many relatives who were full-Vampires or part-Vampires, including his mother. He very quickly learned that sharing such bloodlines made him an outcast, and humbled him rather quickly. He grew up friendless, and when he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he befriended anyone who was unaware of his maternal heritage. He took an interest to Illumine Snape in his third year, and escorted her to the Yule Ball, where the two quickly fell in love.

After graduating Hogwarts, Liavold took interest in broomsticks, and began studying to become a broom-maker. He became a full-fledged broom-maker in 2002.

Liavold proposed to Illumine in December, 2000, and the wedding was in February of 2001. Their first child was born in 2003, and was named James after Illumine's non-biological grandfather, James Aphandy, of whom she was rather fond. Their second child was born in March of 2006.


Liavold is derived from the Esperanto word Lia which means his and the Norwegian word vold, which means violence. Liavold was named this by his mother, who endured the violent outbursts of her husband throughout their marriage.


All information on this character was taken from the story The Boy No One Knew and Dark Paradise. All images shown on this Wiki for this character were chosen based solely on the description of the character in the books.

Please note that everything in this Wiki about this character is accurate and has many sources for its information. Thank you.

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