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The Lawless Five


Hive was a member of The Lawless Five, a group of survivors of The Apocalypse. Hive was a mute individual, and was very tall, lanky, and strong. Their main role in the group was protecting Captain and the others.

After traveling together for several weeks, Hive and the rest of the group came across The New Black World Tribe, and stayed there for less than two days before a great storm flooded their cave, and a dragon drove them out.

Hive, along with Bravo and Captain, made their escape with Harry, Draco, Freakshow, Tooantuh, and Abeque, fleeing a hoard of zombies in one direction while the rest of the group went in others. Hive broke away from the group with Captain and Bravo early the next morning. Though it was not their choice to do so, they stole food and supplies from the others, and were punished for it when Freakshow caught up to them.

After Freakshow sent Captain and Bravo to their deaths, Hive was left to travel the desert alone until they stumbled into Crow's camp, and were attacked and beaten and presumed dead by Harry, Draco, and the others.

While in Crow's Camp looking for new clothing for Freakshow, Draco and Harry found Hive bound and beaten in a hut, and learned that they were in fact not human.


  • The Apocalypse
    • Chapter 14 (First appearance)
    • Chapter 15
    • Chapter 16
    • Chapter 17
    • Chapter 18
    • Chapter 19

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