Falin Cerenbus Snape
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June 12, 1980[1]


March 10, 1996 (aged 15)

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The evil version of himself





Nothing could be said to allow one to comprehend the ineffable feeling of dread and freezable terror that those eyes brought about. It was as though he looked upon the world with guilt, or in a way that seemed to say, ‘I have a secret'.
The Boy No One Knew, chapter nine.

Falin Cerenbus Snape (June 12, 1980-March 10, 1996) was a Half-blood wizard and the only son of Severus Snape and Bellatrix Black. He attended Hogwarts from 1991 to 1996 and was sorted into Slytherin house. During his years at Hogwarts, he became friends with Draco MalfoyVincent CrabbeGregory GoylePansy Parkinson, Miriad Hensul and other fellow Slytherins, as well as a few in other houses, such as Hermione Granger of Gryffindor and Tempest Lovegood and Gneiss Gypsum of Ravenclaw. He was made a prefect for his house at the start of his sixth year and was the only Slytherin member of Dumbledore's Army during his fifth year.[20] 

Falin died on 10th March of his sixth year due to an incurable mental disease that tore his mind apart, but was survived by a son, Sayik that he didn't even know was his.


Falin young

Falin at age ten.

Falin was the only boy among three children of Severus Snape and Bellatrix Black and the father of Sayik and Aeronwen Snape. Through his mother, Falin was a descendant of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black and the great, great, great grandson of Phineas Nigellus Black

Falin's father, Severus, was a double-agent for Dumbledore, posing as a Death Eater, though Falin did not know this.[21] 

"It was another's bidding that brought Falin into the world. He was born to be used, born to die."
— Severus Snape.

The reason for Falin's existence was of purely evil intent, therefore he often referred to himself as the 'Evil Little Follower'.

Falin's childhood best friend was Draco Malfoy, though when the two were separated when they were only six years of age. Falin's best friend quickly changed to his older sister, Mirianda, though Draco and Falin were reunited in 1991 on the Hogwarts Express, though they had forgotten each other.[22]


Falin was born with a rare mental disease called Mooney Madness a disease somewhat similar to the madness that takes over the minds of Werewolves. Throughout his life, Falin struggled with many things, but they were not explained until later. When light was shed on the fact that Falin was indeed a Mooner, (term for those subjected to the Mooney Madness) more was revealed as to the nature of his condition.

"Moony Madness… is not… just a disease of the mind. It's also a cancer of the soul. No matter… how many potions I take to keep my mind whole… it will continue eating away at me. And eventually, the medicine will stop working, and I'll lose myself to the Madness."
— Falin tells Draco about his condition.

Not much was really explained until the prequel, which was later released, where Falin's full background with the Madness was demonstrated.

While it is popular belief that it was the Madness that ended up killing him, it was actually his father, who injected him with poison to save him from further suffering.[23]


Falin was born on 12 June, 1980 to Severus Snape and Bellatrix Black[24], members of the well-known Death Eaters, and loyal followers to Lord Voldemort. Soon after Falin was born, the prophesy of the boy born at the end of July came, and a month later, Harry Potter was born.

Falin's purpose was originally to be Voldemort's right-hand Dark Wizard[25], though his job changed abruptly after Voldemort's failed attempt to murder The-Boy-Who-Lived. Voldemort ordered Severus and Bellatrix to train Falin to help him take down Harry Potter, and, while young Potter went into hiding, Severus and Bellatrix took Falin away to train him, though Bellatrix left a year later due to an argument between Severus and herself about Falin.

In 1986, Falin met a group of children at the park in Devil's Abode and was quickly grafted into their gang, The Neighborhood Kidz. The leader, Richard was only a year or so older than the other children, had Falin do a sort of 'initiation' before he was allowed to join[26]. Falin remained a member of the small group of neighborhood children until his dying day, watching as new children joined and old ones left, saying goodbye to his childhood friend Gregory, who moved to Dawnsbrook with his family in 1992[27].

Early Life

Falin was born with the name Malum Lixam[4] (p. May-lum Lick-sam), which translates to 'Evil Follower', a name with which Severus had qualms with at first, as well as later, when he gained possession of the child and renamed him Falin Cerenbus (p. Fay-lin Sara-bus), which translates to 'Secret son of' or more commonly to 'my secret son'.

For the first six years of Falin's life, he lived at Malfoy Manor with his parents and two sisters, Mirianda and Illumine. Falin was born to be the right-hand wizard to the Dark Lord Voldemort, though his plans were foiled when Falin developed a mental illness; Mooney Madness.

Though the Madness promised death in itself, when Severus sent Bellatrix away, she became infuriated and put a curse on the child so that Severus himself must be the one to kill Falin to save him from suffering.

"Deep down, the woman who had cursed my son with such a terrible fate had known that I would carry through with her little 'prophesy' simply because I couldn’t stand to see my son in such morbid anguish."
— Severus Snape.

For many years, Severus pondered over the prophesy, but was never able to fully understand it. After their deaths, the prophesy was lost and forgotten, later re-discovered by Mirianda Maburdan, which sparked and interest in her daughter Jaybin.

Hogwarts Years

First Year

Draco: "What are you laughing at?"
Falin: "Depends on what your name is."
Draco: "Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. Don't you know who I am?!"
Falin: "Should I?"
Draco Malfoy meets Falin on Hogwarts Express.

For the first year of Falin's life at Hogwarts, he befriended young Draco Malfoy, and the boys went through wild journeys and adventures together during the extent of their friendship. When the boys first met, they were enemies more than anything, though they later gained each other's trust and eventually became inseparable. Draco was clueless that the two had grown up together for their first seven years at Malfoy Manor, though it is greatly implied that Falin realized shortly after meeting him.[28]

Once at Hogwarts, Falin was sorted into the Slytherin house[29], just as his parents were before him, though he was a Hatstall.[30] He never became close friends with any of his housemates outside of Draco's gang, often hanging out with Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson as Draco did.

Approximately three weeks into the school year, Draco discovered Falin's secret about being the son to Severus Snape, and confronted Falin about it, coming to regret it later, when Falin threatened his life in the lavatory.[31]

Later in the year, after a long night of being bullied mercilessly during a game of Truth Or Dare, Draco Malfoy was dared into pulling a prank on Severus Snape, he ended up in the Hospital Wing with severe injuries, Falin was assigned to watch over him, and his advanced healing skills were revealed when he healed Draco's internal injuries with ease.[10]

On the 13th of October, 1991, Falin caught Jordan Stecks, Angus Molohov, and Iothi Zhiazray sexually assaulting a girl in a broom closet, and was beat up afterwards for getting her to safety.[32]

Falin was trained in Legilimency and Occlumency at age eight by his father when Severus realized that his son was a naturally gifted Legilimens with the softest touch, even able to slip into his father's mind unnoticed.[33] It was revealed when he used his Legilimency to break into Draco's mind to find out what was bothering the young mister Malfoy.[34] It was that night, when they were locked out of the dorm rooms and had to keep each other warm in the cold common room that they became friends.[35]

By Halloween of that year, they were very close, even playing a game of tag in the common room with Blaise Zabini.[36] The day after, Draco confided in Falin about his childhood and his difficulties with an abusive father and tutor at home. 

Sometime into the school year, when the boys were spending their time together as usual, they talked about their special abilities, where Falin revealed that he was an Animagi, and that he could summon a patronus, as well as that he took on his father's ability to fly without a broom. Falin told Draco that he was also a Temperies. Tempera, a rare magical ability that allows the witch or wizard that carries the power to be able to withstand a certain temperature to either extreme. Falin was able to withstand freezing temperatures and not be bothered, leaving his skin ice cold to the touch and his blood a boiling temperature to maintain his body heat. It was later learned that Falin also inherited his father's gift for Potions, as well as his love for the subject.[17]

Further on in the year, Severus requested to see the boys in his office, where he openly admitted to being Falin's father. Draco, unsure what to think, felt he may have been forced into an Unbreakable Vow to keep the secret, though whether Severus had planned on doing such was never revealed, as he was interrupted by a lapse in Falin's health. Falin first went into a dazed state, staring blindly ahead, unmoving, his skin hot to the touch, a sign of sickness in his own form. When Severus got him to the Medical Wing, however, he began thrashing wildly and screaming, scaring Draco into running out of the Wing, where he ran into The Golden Trio and passed out from sheer fright.[37] 

The Golden Trio - Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.

When Harry Potter and Ron Weasley carried Draco back the Hospital wing, instructed to do so by an adamant Hermione Granger, they found it eerily silent and empty, though upon further investigation, Hermione found the unconscious forms of severely wounded Severus and Madame Pomfrey, along with a tiny boy she described as looking 'demented, with his black eyes and pale skin, blood dripping from his wrists and a bloody shard of glass clutched dangerously in his hand as he stared at her hungrily as though possessed...'[38]

Hermione was able to keep Falin calm, instructing a terrified Ron and Harry to not upset him, though they were unable to keep him from attacking Draco, whom they had left unattended on a nearby sickbed.

Hermione: "What's wrong with him?"
Snape: "He has a mental illness. When he fails to take his medicine he goes... well, like this. For reasons I have yet to find out, he's not been taking his medicine as he knows he should lately. He's completely sane when he takes it, though loses his mind nearly completely when he doesn't."
— After the incident in the Hospital Wing

Hermione recognized Falin as Severus' son without Severus revealing it to her, being the smart witch she was, she was able to see the resemblance. She kept their secret, not even telling Harry or Ron about it in fear they would not be able to keep such a big secret.

Two weeks after the incident, it was the end of the school year and time to go home, and Falin was only just allowed out of the Hospital Wing after the injuries he'd caused himself during the breakdown.

"I'm... I'm not allowed to come back to Hogwarts next year. Even after father convinced the Headmaster that the new concoction he's made for me works better than the last one... he still says I can't come back. I'm a danger to the other students."
— Falin to Draco, on the train leaving Hogwarts. 

After getting off the train at Kings Cross Station, Draco saw Falin leave with a young woman in a white lab coat, and followed them, unable to leave without properly saying goodbye to his friend, afraid he may never see him again. He only just barely caught them as they boarded a cab, and was able to say goodbye to his ill friend and tears were shed as they shared their last goodbye.[39]

Second Year

"Father talked to the headmaster again, and he agreed to let me come, only if father agrees to help me take my medicine this time. Father's been working on a new concoction all summer, and had it approved by Perios, my psychiatrist, and Dumbledore accepted it."

— Falin explains to Draco on the train why he was allowed to come back to Hogwarts after being denied the year before.

The first day of school, Falin and Draco met a first-year named Miriad Hensul, though Draco rejected her friendship later after learning of her muggle parents, leading to an argument between Falin and Draco that wasn't settled until the next day.

It was revealed that night that Falin was intentionally harming himself, when Draco found him unconscious in the lavatory, though Draco didn't find out until later, and thought the boy merely fell asleep on the floor in the stall, not noticing the freshly conjured bandage on Falin's wrist.

"But this doesn't mean we're friends again. What makes you think I want to be friends with you after everything you've done to me? You think you can just run crying to me and apologize and I'll cry too and forgive you? Oh no, not a chance."
— Draco to Falin after he apologized for the fight. 

Though Draco tried to reject Falin's offer of friendship again, he later relented when Falin tricked him into thinking he felt it too much trouble, and got Draco to practically beg for their friendship again.

Falin:"Bloody hell, you're difficult, you know that? Why bother?"
Draco:"Falin wait! I was only joking! I forgive you! Can we go back to being friends again?!!?"
— Falin tricks Draco into begging for their friendship.

Falin suspected Draco many times of clinging so desperately to the close friendship they had only because he'd never had any true friends before in his life, though he never seemed bothered by it. 

Later in the year, Severus stumbled across his son in one of the lavatory stalls, unconscious, having cut his arm too deep and nearly bled to death before his worried father managed to get him to the Hospital Wing, where Madame Pomfrey managed to save him before he lost too much blood.

"Severus, he can't keep doing this. His medicine is in his blood, if he loses too much blood, he's also losing his medicine. I now have to give him more to compensate for what he's lost."
— Madam Pomfrey to Severus after giving Falin a blood-replenishing potion.
Karnus Flejj1

Karnus Flejj

Unfortunately for Falin, Karnus Flejj, a Slytherin of the same year, was in the Hospital Wing and saw and heard everything that happened, taking his valuable secrets, including the fact the Falin was Severus' son, accidentally revealed by Severus when the boy was listening, unbeknownst by the two worried adults as they fussed over the injured Falin, to his friends. Flejj overhearing said secrets came back to hurt Falin later, when Flejj told his two friends, Jordan Stecks and Angus Molohov, and together, with the help of a rather unwilling Fegas Praygun, delivered hateful notes to Falin, resulting in his attempted suicide later in the year. 

At the incident, professor Minerva McGonagall worked out that Severus was Falin's father, though swore to secrecy at Severus' request. Severus rushed to the Hospital Wing as soon as he heard, and found Falin sitting in a corner, crying, not letting anyone near him. Severus managed to coax Falin into showing him the notes he had received from the other students, after reading them, his anger and worry nearly boiled over, though his concern won out and he stayed to comfort his son.

Later, however, Severus conducted an interrogation of all of the boys in Falin's dorm, trying to find the culprit. Though he used Legilimency on the four responsible, it was never revealed whether their young Occlumency skills were enough or if he got what he wanted from them. Were any punishments dealt out, it was never mentioned.

The next day, Severus spoke with Falin about his problem.

Falin:  "I know, and I'm sorry! But I can't help it! I've tried to stop, but I can't."

Severus: "Sorry isn't good enough, Falin. The medicine is in your blood, and when you lose your blood, you lose your medicine. And we can't keep giving it to you more than recommended, because it could lose its potency. What are we to do if that happens? And that's not the only thing, Falin. You're damaging yourself. I can't let you keep doing this."

— Severus to Falin after the incident.

Mirianda Perios Snape, Falin's sister.

After discussing the situation with his son, Severus decided to call in a guardian to watch over his son, to keep him from harming himself again. Severus ended up getting his eldest daughter, Mirianda Snape to come in, though she was under the guise of 'healer Perios', her commonly used name at work.

Mirianda was supposed to stay with Falin for the rest of his time at Hogwarts, though, due to an act of foolishness that landed her with child, Severus, sensibly, had his daughter stay home, away from prying eyes.

The day before Mirianda and Illumine came to Hogwarts, Falin was able to give up his self-harming habits on his own.

"Please don't let me die, let me drop this knife! Heaven can't set me free, it is not for me! I'm evil, I deserve to go to hell!"
— Falin's whispered prayer as he tries to keep himself from cutting once again.

Through Falin's life, he believed himself to be evil, due to the fact that he was born for evil purposes at the order of a very evil man (Voldemort) and was originally named Evil (Malum).

When Mirianda came to Hogwarts, she brought their little sister, Illumine Snape, who posed as Falin's twin sister, much to Draco's chagrin. 

Illumine Shalom Snape, Falin's little sister.

"You do realize that means she'll be three years ahead of her grade? She'll be learning stuff above her magical level, above her abilities."
— Draco's sensible argument to Illumine posing as Falin's twin. 

Illumine bragged to Draco about being more advanced than any other ten year old witch or wizard. Though her words were not true, she merely wouldn't sit there and let him talk down to her.

Falin, though very fond of his little sister, silently agreed with Draco whilst he defended her. It was then confirmed that Mirianda was indeed Falin's older sister, and Draco was one again baffled at Snape's growing family.

Draco: "Well, your family's just full of bloody prodigies, isn't it?"
Falin: "My family's no more special than anyone else's. We just act like it."
— Draco and Falin after Falin explained Mirianda's talents. 

Falin hit the fifth stage of the Madness a few weeks later, starting in waves of hate hitting him at random times. It overwhelmed him at one point, and he ended up taking out his anger on Casin Conner, a first year Hufflepuff that unluckily happened across Falin's path when he was angry. 

Severus wisely decided to take Falin home at Dumbledore's suggestion until the stage passed over, keeping both him and the students of Hogwarts safe.

Dumbledore: "Severus, listen to me. There are things in life that are simply unchangeable. Things that are left to chance, and things that are left to fate. Your son, is tragically been sucked into the cruel grasp of fate. You have to accept that you can do no more than you already are."
Severus: "You want me, to accept the fact that my son is dying, before his time. And I'm not willing to do that."
— After Dumbledore suggested Severus to take Falin home.

After they got home, it was revealed that Severus had a muggle wife, Annenia Aphandy, and another daughter, Serenia Snape.

"I'm just so… angry. And, there's absolutely nothing to be angry about. But, it's just like, anger is just… boiling through me. And I want, so badly, to hurt something. It's like an itch you just have to scratch or it'll drive you mad. I can't really explain it!"
— Falin tries to explain the feeling to his father.

Severus stayed with his son the whole weekend, helping him read up on the stage of the Madness to keep himself informed on the matter. Severus gave Falin the choice to go back to Hogwarts if he thought he could handle it, though Falin chose to sit the stage through at home, and Severus largely approved of his decision.

"Why? Why is there never anything we can do about it? Do you know how many times I've heard that term, 'there's nothing we can do'? How many times I've heard 'we can do nothing more' or 'you're doing the best you can, and that's all you can do' or 'nothing else can be done'? Do you know how bloody discouraging that is? It's damn depressing."
— Falin expresses how much he hates the words he hears spoken most; 'nothing more can be done'.
"I just… I'm just so tired."
— Falin's weary words after a long rant to his father.

During the time Falin was at home, the Snape Family/Aphandy Family held a family reunion, one of which Draco and Miriad were invited.

"So let me get this straight; you, Falin and Lumin are siblings by blood? Kelly and Susan are siblings by blood, and are your stepsisters? And Serenia's both parent's child and is related to you all by blood, but is your half sister? That's bloody confusing. Not even my family tree has that many twisted branches."
— Draco's attempt to make a joke, only to thicken the tense atmosphere in Kelly and Susan's room.

Most of the conversations rotated around blood purity during the time spent there, and everyone spent the night at Severus' home, some leaving the next day later in the afternoon. 



The next morning, all the children went to the park, where Falin introduced his childhood friends, Molly, Richard and Gregory, three children who's backgrounds were explained further in Evil Little Follower, to his new friends from school.

Summer Break

Summer break between second and third year was probably the most eventful (and worst) of Falin's life. During this time, he got permission to stay at Malfoy Manor for summer break, in which he met face-to-face with two of Draco's worst nightmares; Lucius Malfoy and Orl Schond, Draco's father and Draco's teacher, both of which had been abusing Draco for many years, though in very different ways.

Mister Malfoy had been abusing Draco since he was seven, and Orl Schond had been molesting Draco for nearly six years, completely undetected by any of Draco's family. Though Draco had tried to tell his parents, only his childminder would listen, and she was unable to convince Draco's parents.

Unfortunately, Schond found Falin to be most to his taste, and molested him in the worst possible ways the whole time he was there, leaving him with even more emotional scars to deal with, however, he refused to leave Draco's side the whole time, even refusing to go home when given the option.

Severus came by some two weeks later, and Falin managed to tell the adults what was happening whilst it was going on, and Severus and Lucius put an immediate stop to it. The damage was already done, however, and the two boys would never recover fully from their ordeal.

Third Year

Falin was bullied considerably less by Jordan Stecks in his third year, due to a dare Angus Molohov made to Stecks that he was unable to accomplish in a years' time.

Sometime in the middle of the year, Falin woke up in the Hospital Wing and was informed that he was found, naked in the second year girls dorm, simply laying on the floor. 

Though the girls insisted nothing else happened, Severus always suspected they weren't telling the whole truth, though nothing ever became of it. In 2006, however, Mirianda Maburdan learned that Falin unintentionally raped Miriad Hensul, resulting in the later birth of their son, Sayik, whom Miriad claimed was Fegas Praygun's son.

Snape: "We... found you in the girls dormitories, not wearing anything and smiling like a lunatic...."
Falin: "I was naked? Oh Merlin, I hope none of the girls were awake...."
— After he woke.

Falin took a turn for the worse not long after a potions accident that left his father temporarily stuck in the form of a twelve year old boy. Falin hit the eighth stage of the Madness, and Severus was forced to take him home for his own good, returning with him three months later, in which time, Falin's niece, Jaybin Maburdan was born.

Fourth Year

Falin survived past his fourteenth birthday, much to the surprise and delight of his father, who assumed he would die exactly ten years after he was first attacked by the Madness.

Falin attended Hogwarts that year, much to his friend's and family's relief.

Later in the schoolyear, Jordan Stecks offered to take Falin to the Yule Ball, something Falin hesitantly agreed to.[40]


Falin in his dress robes.

During the ball, which was dreadfully dull for Falin, Stecks pulled him outside for some fresh air. The boys went to an empty alcove so they could talk, where Stecks poured out his heart to Falin, apologized for being a prat the years prior and begged for forgiveness. Falin forgave him and the boys hugged it out, however, Stecks boldly leaned forward, and was surprised when Falin kissed him. The two were caught by Severus Snape making his rounds, and Stecks didn't bother Falin any more afterwords, afraid he would be caught and punished. Though Falin showed regret for what had happened, his true reasons for kissing Stecks hadn't been for pleasure. He had simply been scared of what Stecks would have done had he not let him kiss him, scared that he'd never find love again after his first ever girlfriend, Miriad Hensul cheated on him the summer before. Though Stecks was a bully for most of Falin's life, he proved to finally be useful for something, proving to Falin that he was still lovable.[41]  

That night, Hermione Granger happened upon Falin who was sitting in the empty girl's lavatory, trying to stop his tears by reading quietly where he wouldn't be disturbed, and contemplating suicide. The two had an awkward conversation, though comforted one another and ended up friends afterwords. Harry Potter found them whilst looking for Hermione and didn't at first see Falin. Though he thought it odd that the Slytherin boy was there with Hermione, he said nothing about it. Not moments later, Draco entered, looking for Falin, and found it most peculiar his best friend was sitting with the two Gryffindors. Falin and Hermione shared a friendship afterwords that Draco resented.[42]

Summer Break

After the meeting in the lavatory, Falin felt an odd connection to Hermione, and felt the need to be close to her. Convinced he was going to die soon, he wanted to spend as much time with his two best friends as possible. Unfortunately for him, he chose his two best friends at a cost. A Slytherin and a Gryffindor, the Slytherin Prince and the Gryffindor Princess.

Though Draco and Hermione hated one another, they agreed (after many arguments) to get along for Falin's sake.

About a week into the summer, the three went riding through the woods on Falin's horse and stayed out too late, having to stay at Sjaanje Osdenage's home for the night.

Hermione and Draco took Midnight out to the stables, but were attacked while doing so. Draco was captured and Hermione injured. Bellatrix Black, using Pollyjuice potion to disguise herself as Draco, was able to get close to her son the next morning, offering him an escape from his imminent death, of which he adamantly refused. Falin and Hermione were able to escape with the help of Sjaanje, after he revealed that he was in fact a wizard, something Falin had never suspected him of being.

After the meeting with Bellatrix, Sjaanje rescued Draco and they all apparated to Hogwarts, the only safe place they could think of. Dumbledore then contacted Severus, who sent the rest of Falin's family to stay at Hogwarts with them while the Aurors searched Devil's Abode for the dark witch.

Though Bellatrix was never captured, she was chased from Devil's Abode and by the end of the summer, it was safe for Falin and his family to go home.

Fifth Year

Falin left Hogwarts just in time to go back again for his fifth year. In Falin's fifth year, he joined Dumbledore's Army, much to Draco's chagrin. 


Falin in Dumbledore's Army.

After spending the summer at Hogwarts in the company of Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy and most of Falin's family, Falin wasn't too eager to return to Hogwarts again, though he did relish the extra time spent with his friends. 

Later in the year, after spending much of his time with Hermione Granger and her friends, he joined Dumbledore's Army and made a valuable addition to their group, being the only Slytherin, the only one among them (excluding Harry Potter) that could already summon a patronus, and he was an excellent duelist. 

On one occasion Falin sneaked out and released a first-year that had been chained up by the Inquisitorial Squad. As punishment for releasing the first-year from imprisonment Falin  was tortured greatly, Gregory Goyle preformed the cruciatis curse on him while the others merely beat him up physically. When they were done, they left him and he was found by Neville Longbottom, and healed by Draco Malfoy whom had been summoned by Hermione Granger and Harry Potter.

Falin helped drive Dolores Umbridge from Hogwarts in his fifth year, proving once and for all that not all Slytherins were evil and gaining the trust of Harry Potter and his friends.

Summer Break

At Falin's request, his father allowed him to invite many of his close relatives over for a family gathering. During this gathering, Falin met his grandparents for the first time, Eileen Prince and Tobias Snape, as well as Bellatrix' parents, Cygnus Black III and Druella Rosier

During his research, Falin also found that he was related to several other families, including the Potters and the Weasleys, who's children were his third cousins. 

"Take care of them. Look at me, Fegas. Promise me you'll take care of them?" 
— Falin asking Fegas Praygun to take care of Miriad Hensul and their son.

At the family gathering, Falin met Fegas Praygun and Miriad Hensul's son, Sayik. After forgiving Fegas for taking Miriad away from him, he pleaded with Fegas to take care of her. And, though it caused him great pain, Falin wished them a good life, knowing that Miriad would be better off with someone who could love and take care of her forever. Though, little did he know, Sayik was actually his son. Falin died without knowing this.

After all the guests left, Falin had Draco, Harry and Ron stay over the weekend, in which time Falin nearly lost his life saving his little sister, Illumine from drowning in the swelled river by the playground on the outskirts of Devil's Abode, though due to fast thinking on Harry's part, he was able to revive him, and Falin lived to see another year of school.

Sixth Year

Falin attended Hogwarts for a sixth and final year, meeting his imminent death in March of 1996.

Earlier in the school year, Falin learned in his Defence Against the Dark Arts class that his Boggart was not his own mind, but rather an evil version of himself.

“You are a very unique boy, Falin. Most with your condition would fear their own death the most. But it seems what you fear most, is the death of others, most especially at your own hand.”
Severus Snape to Falin after he got rid of the Boggart.

Falin's Animagus

Falin's Animagus was revealed in his sixth year, when he ran away from the Boggart of himself by transforming into a tiny black kitten.

Falin died late in the school year, on March 10th, only three moths before turning sixteen, and two months before the end of the school year, his father giving him the peace he so longed by injecting him with the poison that would end his suffering after he hit the tenth stage of the Madness.

Though Falin suffered greatly through his life, he admitted that the journey had been worth it, as he met a lot of great people along the way. His greatest wish, however, was to hear his father say 'I love you' to him, though he never once heard those words uttered to him in his life. The only person who had ever openly expressed love in those actual words to him, was Draco Malfoy in their third year, and Illumine early in their sixth year.

"You suffered because of me, you should have hated me. Remember how I stood by idly, all the times your mother tortured you. Remember the way I was so uncaring with you. Take with you the knowledge that I failed to cure you. Hate me for not protecting you as I should have. Hate me, Falin, I am your murderer. Leave part of your spirit to haunt me for the rest of time that I am left alive while you are dead. Let me have no peace, I don’t deserve it.”
— Severus speaks to his dead son.


March 10th, 1996

Falin died on March 10th, 1996, three months before his sixteenth birthday, his funeral being held the day after and only members of the immediate family and Falin's best friend, Draco Malfoy were allowed to attend. Falin was buried under an oak tree just outside the forbidden forest.

"And so it is with a heavy heart that I inform you all of the passing of a student. Falin Cerenbus, one of our top students, died early Saturday morning"
— Dumbledore informing the students of Falin's death.

The overall reaction to Falin's death was sorrow and grief, even those who had not known him had been greatly saddened by his passing.

There were wails heard among the room from those who had known him, stunned silence from those who had known of him, and whispers and murmurs from those who were curious as to who he had been. Murmured questions of 'why' and 'how' and 'what happened' all drifted through the room, but remained unanswered as a respective silence took place.
— a passage from The Boy No One Knew.[16]

Last Will and Testament

It was discovered that Falin had made out a will several years before his death, leaving all his possessions to Sayik Praygun.[43]

I, Falin Cerenbus Snape, hereby declare all of my possessions, including my tags in regards to my identification, all of my Hogwarts-related items (such as books, robes and my wand) after my death shall go to Sayik Cryptic Eden Praygun, son of Miriad Lyrica Hensul and Fegas Sherwynd Praygun.
— Falins will.

After Death

"Miria, I think Falin had a son."
Draco Malfoy to Mirianda Maburdan.

Even after his death, Falin played a significant role in the lives of those who had known him. His family continued to mourn him even after ten years had passed since his death.[44][45] At one point, Draco began suspecting that a student who remarkably resembled Falin, Sayik Praygun, was actually Falin's son.[43][46]



Falin was described as tiny, black-haired, black-eyed, and feminine, with longish hair and deep, soulless eyes. Many said his eyes were soulless, while others argued his eyes had more soul than any being, alive or dead.

Minerva McGonagall said that Falin looked exactly as his father did at his age, merely smaller and more feminine.

"He… was small, a-and, had black hair. And, h-his skin was white and it was ice cold when he touched me. He looked like a ghost."
Casin Conner's description of Falin.

Magical Abilities and Skills

-casting a series of nonverbal, wandless healing spells as he spoke, not even having to think as he did such. He was such a talented wizard. It was the most shameful of sins that he would never get to find his true potential.
— on Falin's magical skills.

Falin was a highly skilled Wizard for his young age, showing signs of magic at the early age of two[47], demonstrating his excellent magic even in his first year at Hogwarts, where he performed a Fidelius Charm.[31] He was very advanced in the healing magic[10][17], was proficient in wandless spells, was capable of producing a patronus[17], could apparate by the time he was twelve, and had inherited his father's ability to fly without a broom.[17] Sometime between his first and sixth year, he became an unregistered Animagi.[48]

Falin was a naturally talented Occlumens and Legilimens[49][34][17], trained by his father and his mother, two very accomplished Occlumens/Legilimens. Falin was one of the few wizards capable of using Legilimency against his father, Severus Snape, an accomplished Occlimens.[47][50][51]

Personality and Traits

'He was maddeningly disobedient.'
Severus Snape's description of three-year-old Falin.

Falin was a bit of a problem child growing up, described by his father as 'insufferable at best' and 'maddeningly disobedient'. He rarely ever spoke, despite his parent's attempts to make him. Falin was often ignored whenever he was in distress in his early childhood. After the family was tortured by the Dark Lord, Bellatrix, Severus and Mirianda all stood, ignoring Falin's unmoving body.[47]

After he was diagnosed with the Mooney Madness, he became defensive and angry. He refused being looked at, examined, and refused to take potions, or undergo counseling. His parents often had to wrestle knives and other dangerous weapons away from him to keep him from harming himself or worse.[52]

Falin grew up often described as a quiet, mystical, and all-powerful child with hidden abilities and unexplainable bursts of power. Falin was very selfless, had a high spiritual plane, was singularly intuitive, very accepting, and all in all, a dreamer.

Falin was associated with idealistic concepts and rather spiritual issues. Accordingly, he was a child with potentials that were somewhat difficult to live up to. He had the capacity to be inspirational, and the ability to lead merely by his own example. He possessed an inborn inner strength and awareness that made him an excellent duelist and strategic thinker. No matter what area of expertise he pursued, he was very aware and sensitive to the highest sense of his environment. Falin's intuition was very strong. He possessed a good mind with keen analytical abilities. Because of this he could succeed in most tasks he performed.

Oddly enough, even when under great amounts of stress, Falin generally succeeded, owing to his often original and unusual approach. Nonetheless, he was more content working with his own ideals, rather than blindly following those of others, causing him to question his parent's judgement and keeping him from being loyal to Voldemort as they were.

The positive aspect of Falin's excellent mind was that his thinking was long term, and he was able to grasp the far-reaching effects of actions and plans. He was often disappointed by the shortsighted views of many of his contemporaries. He was a deeply concerned soul and supportive of art, music, or of beauty in any form.


Falin, though depressed, often had a bright smile for his friends.

The negative attitudes associated with Falin included a continuous sense of nervous tension; he was often too sensitive and temperamental. He tended to dream a lot and as a consequence was more of a dreamer than a doer. Fantasy and reality sometimes became intermingled[53] and he was often very impractical. Falin tended to want to spread the illumination of his knowledge to others irrespective of their desire or need.

Falin often dreamed of following a life of freedom, excitement, adventure and unexpected happening. The idea of travel and freedom to roam intrigued him, as, one who grew up knowing his own fate, the fear of the unknown never bothered him. Falin was very much the adventurer at heart, though was never able to due to his poor health. Not particularly concerned about his future or about getting ahead, knowing the only thing that lay ahead for him was death, he often seemed superficial or unmotivated.

In a positive sense, Falin was very adaptable and versatile. Falin had a natural resourcefulness and enthusiasm that marked him as a thinker with a good mind and active imagination. Falin seemed to have a natural inclination to be a pace-setter. 

Falin was overly restless and impatient at times, and disliked routine work that he was engaged in, and tended to jump from activity to activity, without ever finishing anything. Falin never had difficulty with responsibility, and loyalty was his strong suit, though he found it hard to commit to more than one person at a time.

Falin often dreamed of guiding and fostering the perfect family in the perfect home. He craved the devotion from offspring and a loving wife. Knowing he would never have the chance, he gave up on the dream not long after he first produced it in his mind, though it tortured his thoughts every night to his dying day.



Bellatrix Black

Bellatrix had become more frantic in her teachings of Malum, punishing him severely in ways Severus questioned, but never put a stop to. She had lost all motherly love for the child, and only saw in him as a potential weapon to be used by the Dark Lord when, not if, he returned.
— Bellatrix' feelings towards Falin after he stopped using magic.

Falin's relationship with his mother, Bellatrix Black was never really portrayed in full until the prequel, Evil Little Follower, however, once in Falin's summer break between fourth and fifth year, the two met and judging by Falin's reaction to her, she wasn't a very good mother in the six years she had raised him. Falin was terrified of his mother, as she tortured him many times when he was young, though she slowly started showing affection for him after they moved in with the muggle Evers Family. She raised her son well for the first two years of his life, especially when he started showing signs of magical ability from a very young age, however, when he was two and a half years old, he altogether stopped speaking and using magic, frustrating his mother to no end. She tortured him every day, trying to strangle magic out of him, though he never obeyed. After she learned of his mental illness, she only became more infuriated, however greatly saddened by the news. Her fury erupted, however, upon learning that she and Severus were to produce another heir.

Despite that assumed fact that Bellatrix hated her son, she actually did love him, more even than she admitted to herself, however, she let her loyalty to Lord Voldemort get in the way of that love, and it quickly diminished over the years.

Annenia Aphandy

"Falin is a most… unstable... child."
Annenia's take on Falin.

Annenia and Falin first met on the train from Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire to Devil's Abode, Somerset. Falin's relationship with his stepmother, Annenia Aphandy was very good. Though Falin never accepted her as his mother, he loved and respected her more than his birth mother, Bellatrix Black. Annenia was often the one he went to for comfort when Mirianda wasn't around.

Severus Snape

(..)because now, years later, he still didn't want a child. He would never tell Falin, because he wouldn't, couldn't, understand. It wasn't because Severus didn't love him that he wished Falin had never been born; it was because Severus loved him so deeply that he could not stand to see his son suffer.'
Severus' thoughts on a hateful note given to Falin.
Falin and Severus

Father and son, circa 1992.

Severus first met his child five hours after he was born, as he was immediately rushed off for operation to save his young life.[3] Severus saw oddity in his child even then, refusing to even refer to Falin as a living being until several weeks after he was born, when he first caught a glimpse of the child's enthralling eyes, so identical to his own. Severus knew early on that Falin was a special child, though he never fully understood the extent of his son's idiosyncrasies. Falin's relationship with his father, Severus Snape was portrayed as strained and awkward at best.[51] Though Severus truly tried to be a good father, Falin never forgave him for not saving him sooner from Bellatrix. Falin also despised his father for never telling him he loved him.

Mirianda Snape

"He's such a strong boy. After all he's been through, he hasn't given up. He just… accepts it, and just… lives. I wish I could be more like him."
Mirianda's take on Falin.
Falin and mirianda

Falin and Mirianda

Mirianda wasn't a big part of Falin's life until after they left Malfoy Manor. During the time spent there, Mirianda focused on keeping herself out of trouble, and often let Falin take the heat without intervening. It is assumed this is why she later became so protective of him, because she felt guilty about not trying harder when they were little. Falin held no grudge against his sister, and rather, admired her, often going to her for comfort and protection, however he was rather protective of her when they were very young. Though Falin loved and respected his older sister, it is assumed he had a better relationship with his younger sister, Illumine. Mirianda nearly lost herself in grief when Falin died.

Illumine Snape

"I don't want Falin to die! You won't let him die, will you daddy? You'll protect him?"
Illumine pleading with her father to save Falin.

Illumine was always special to Falin, ever since he had set eyes upon her, when she was first born and he was almost three. He had always made certain their mother never laid a hand on Lumin, and had lovingly nicknamed her Lumi. As the years went by, Falin's relationship with his younger sister grew to be that of two best friends. Though Falin's older sister, Mirianda seemed to care about Falin more, Illumine was around him more often, and only started grasping the reality of his condition in Falin's third year, when she was ten.[54] She showed great grief when he died.

Serenia Snape

"I was only five when he died, I only just barely remember him. I know him well now, we have a portrait of him in the house… it's not the same though."
Serenia on her deceased older brother.
Falin and Illumine

Young Falin with infant Serenia.

Falin at first resented Serenia, as she was not the daughter of his mother, Bellatrix, whom he was, at the time, still convinced was a good person deep down. Later, however, Falin came to adore his little half sister, and often referred to her as the tying point between the two families, the thing that kept them together.

Kelly Evers

"Falin. The greatest grief is delivered in the smallest of packages. Of joy… and sorrows, and smiles. And tears that only grew stronger with the best and worst of times. What we have once loved we can never lose, even if it's taken away from us. I knew you for but a moment… at least that's what it seems like. I'm sorry I wasn't with you when you died. I-I... I'm sorry."
Kelly loses her composure while delivering her speech at Falin's funeral.

Falin's relationship with his older stepsister, Kelly Evers was never fully portrayed, though it is assumed they got along, it is also rumored the two had a sort of rivalry when they were young children that carried over to when they were older, causing a rift between them, though she was greatly saddened by Falin's death.

Susan Evers

"Now... when you come back from Hogwarts... you'll be coming back as my brother. Okay?"
Susan sadly attempting to end her relationship with Falin.

Susan, who was only a month older than Falin, never showed much of a relationship with Falin until much later in the series, and in the prequel, though she did express concern for him when he seemed sullen at the dinner table. It was revealed in the prequel, Evil Little Follower that Susan and Falin were in love when they first met, though their childish romance was cut off when their parents also fell in love and married. Susan carried her secret love for Falin in her heart to his dying day and even after he was gone.

Draco Malfoy

'If Draco could want strong enough for his friend to live, if his will power alone was enough to save him, then he would already be saved.'
Draco's strong friendship with Falin.

The two boys were born a week apart, Draco older by exactly seven days. The two grew up together for the first six years of their lives, though they had no recollection of each other later when they attended Hogwarts together. At first, Draco was terrified of Falin, finding the eccentric boy to be quite disturbed. Later, however, the two became best friends. Falin's relationship with his best friend was shown to be strong and very emotional. The two clung to each other for support and comfort, despite their differences, and it is believed that Falin had fallen in love with Draco sometime after they met. Even though the two drifted away from each other in their fifth year, Draco was broken-hearted after Falin died.

Miriad Hensul

"I kissed your scars. I still think you're beautiful."
Miriad assuring Falin that she still loved him.

Miriad was Falin's girlfriend for the whole of Falin's second year, and most of Falin's third year, though their relationship was cut off unexpectedly by Miriad due to an affair with Falin's former friend, Fegas Praygun that landed her with the consequence of being a very young parent. Though Falin was brokenhearted afterwords, he showed loyalty to her by refusing to take any other girl to the Yule Ball, and instead, went with Jordan Stecks 'just as friends'. Mirianda and Draco later found out, however, that Miriad was lying when she claimed Sayik was Fegas' son. Sayik, was in fact, Falin's son.

Blaise Zabini

Every time Zabini tried to scramble up, he'd slip and fall over their laps again and they'd start laughing harder. Finally, unable to take any more laughter without bursting, Falin and Draco shoved him and he rolled off of their laps, grumbling and lying still because he'd worn himself out.
Blaise having fun with Draco and Falin.

Falin and Blaise were never good friends, though they did often spend time together in their first year, Draco Malfoy always at their side. Falin would never spend time with Blaise when he had the option to be with Draco instead. Blaise's reaction to Falin's death is unknown.

Hermione Granger

"HARRY! He's not creepy! He's just… eccentric."
Hermione scolding Harry Potter for calling Falin 'creepy'.

Falin and Hermione Granger met in their fourth year after the Yule Ball when the two were hiding in the same place from their dates. Their relationship strengthened over that summer when Hermione spent it at the Snape's House and the two (along with Draco) had wild adventures together. They remained friends through their fifth year as well, Falin being the only Slytherin to sign up for Dumbledore's Army as Hermione trusted him enough to ask him if he wanted to join. Hermione was broken-hearted when Falin died.

Harry Potter

"Yeah, well unlike you, I actually took the time to talk to him, rather than ignore him every time he comes around… she's right, Ron. He's not like the other Slytherins."
Harry Potter to Ron Weasley about Falin.

Falin and Harry attended Hogwarts together and were in the same year. The two first met when Harry came looking for Hermione and found her with Falin in the abandoned girl's lavatory after the Yule Ball. They at first were not very good friends, as Harry had trouble trusting him due purely to the fact that he was a Slytherin and the 'creepiest git in school' in his own words, though they did later become good friends as Hermione convinced Harry that Falin wasn't like the other Slytherins. Harry saved Falin's life in the summer break between their fifth and sixth year by performing rescue breathing after Falin nearly drowned.[55] Harry showed grief when Falin's death was announced later in their sixth year.

Ron Weasley

"Look, Cerenbus. I still don't trust you. But Hermione likes you and… well… she's a good judge of character, even though she's mental half the time… and I trust her judgment. Let's just say I hope she's right about you."
Ron to Falin.

Ron didn't like Falin at all. He despised the fact that Falin was such good friends with Hermione, though after Falin showed his loyalty to Dumbledore's Army in their fifth year, he accepted him and became his friend. Ron showed sadness when Falin's death was announced.

Jordan Stecks

'Stecks slowly leaned forward, not expecting Falin to let him kiss him, but wanting to try anyway. Stecks hesitated, and, to his surprise, Falin closed the space between them, gently locking their lips and closing his eyes.'
— For a brief time, Stecks and Falin were romantically involved.

Jordan Stecks was a bully to Falin for the first three years they were at Hogwarts together, often teasing him and hurting him, even giving him notes telling him to kill himself, though Jordan started to develop romantic feelings for Falin late in their third year and ended up taking Falin to the Yule Ball in their fourth year. The two didn't talk to each other again after in their remaining years at Hogwarts. Jordan's reaction to Falin's death was never portrayed.

Fegas Praygun

"The notes fell out of Falin's notebook when I found him in the lavatory… W-with a knife."
Fegas tells Severus Snape what happened.

Falin and Fegas Praygun were in the same year and attended Hogwarts together until their third year. Sometime in their second year, Fegas saved Falin from committing suicide.[56]

Fegas left the school after he had an affair with Falin's girlfriend, Miriad Hensul. Fegas later promised Falin that he didn't know Falin and Miriad were together, Falin forgave him and the two became friends afterwords, though didn't remain in contact with each other. Fegas' reaction to Falin's death was never portrayed.

Loretta Aphandy

"Attitude. Spoiled brat, is what he is. Ah well, not the boys fault, I suppose. He just wasn't raised properly."
Loretta's description of Falin.

Falin and his grandmother Loretta Aphandy did not get along well at all. She never liked Falin, mainly because he so resembled his father, whom she despised.


The Latin name Malum translates to Evil, and the Latin name Lixam means Follower, which brought about the nickname Evil Little Follower that he often called himself and was called by his mother, Bellatrix Black.

The Latin name Falin a masculine variant of the name Feline which is a Latin name meaning "cat-like". Falin literally translates to "Secret", or more commonly "My Secret", and the Latin name Cerenbus means Son, or Son of, bringing about yet another nickname given him by his father, Severus Snape, My Secret Son or Secret Son of Snape, it also can translate to "Little Wolf", which his older sister, Mirianda called him once. 

Cerenbus is a variation of the name Cerberus, a dog from Greek mythology, which is curious because despite his name meaning "Little Wolf" and "Cerberus", his Patronus and Animagus was a cat. Though there is much speculation, no conclusion has ever been made.

Falin's birthstones were pearl, alexandrite and moonstone. The pearl is a Symbol of pure heart and mind; innocence, faith. Traditionally, the Pearl is an emblem of chastity and purity, symbolizing love, purity, honesty, innocents, integrity, tranquility and wisdom, all of these being qualities Falin possesed. Alexandrite is a symbol of healing and well-being. Falin was very advanced in the healing magic. The moonstone is a stone of new beginnings, it is strongly connected to the moon. It helps males connect to their creative side and emotional side. Falin had Mooney Madness, and was very creative and emotional.

Trivia Facts

  • Falin was left-handed.[57]
  • Falin's favorite time of year was winter.[58]
  • Falin was afraid of heights.
  • Falin dreaded his birthday, as it also symbolized his 'death day' or so he had been taught.[59]
  • Falin was terrified of snakes ever since he saw Nagini as a young child, and was at first dismayed at being sorted into Slytherin.
  • Falin was almost sorted into Ravenclaw.
  • Falin was a Hatstall. It took the Sorting Hat six minutes to decide between Slytherin and Ravenclaw.
  • Falin only personally met Lord Voldemort four times in his life, once as a baby, and two of the other three times, the dark lord was angry with him.
  • Falin's pet he took with him to Hogwarts was a cat that he often had conversations with in his animagus form. Her name was Calysta.[60]
  • Falin secretly hated Harry Potter through his years at Hogwarts, even after he befriended Hermione.[61]
  • Falin had a beautiful singing voice, though never joined the choir at Hogwarts because he was very self-conscious.[62]
  • Falin had a deathly fear of water, as he couldn't swim, but he overcame that fear to save his little sister, Illumine, from drowning in his summer break between fifth and sixth year.[55]
  • His favorite game was a muggle card game, Poker, which he learned when he first met Kelly and Susan.[63][64]
  • Falin was 5 foot 1 and weighed 65 pounds, though he lost a considerable amount of weight in his sixth year.
  • When Falin and Draco met on the train in their first year, Falin was the taller of the two, however he stopped growing where Draco didn't, and Draco was taller by the end of the year.
  • Falin looked exactly like his father did at his age, only smaller. He in fact managed to pass as Falin's twin after a potions accident turned Severus young.[65]
  • Falin had never even considered that Voldemort could have cured him had he simply killed Harry.[66]
  • Falin died two days short of three months before his sixteenth birthday.[67]
  • Falin nearly died at birth.
  • Falin's greatest yearning was to hear his father speak the words 'I love you' to him, which he never did end up hearing.
  • Falin's greatest regret was that he would never have a family of his own[12], though little did he know, he did have one.[19]
  • Falin's greatest achievement was, in his own mind, when he fully learned how to apparate, however his father believed his greatest achievement was when he became an Animagi.
  • Falin's favorite color was white, despite the fact that he always wore black. He felt as though he was not worthy of wearing a color so pure.
  • Falin excelled in Potions, Charms, Transfiguration and the Dark Arts, though was not very good at Care of Mythical Creatures, Herbology or Astrology.
  • Falin never took flying lessons, as he had inherited his father's ability to fly without a broom.[17]
  • Falin strongly believed that all things happened for a reason and that every person had a purpose, though he never discovered his purpose, leaving him feeling a sense of worthlessness.
  • Falin believed in God, and that He was the all-powerful creator of the Universe.
  • When his family moved to Devil's Abode, he found a Bible in the library and read it cover-to-cover in less than a year. Oddly enough, it was his mother who first read it that got him interested in reading it.[68]
  • Falin believed as strongly in the forces of evil as he did that of the good. He knew that where there was a light, there was also darkness, though he also understood that there was good and bad in everyone, no one ever being fully good or bad.
  • Falin had a higher understanding than most of just how evil some people could be.
  • Falin had a tendency to overlook the bad in people so he could love them despite it, oftentimes resulting in his own misery. His mother, for example.
  • Falin never put himself above others, always putting their happiness before his own.
  • Falin craved a higher sense of purpose.
  • Falin wrote all the names of his friends and family, everyone he loved on his wrists so he could stop harming himself.[69][70]
  • Falin shared a birthday with Anne Frank and died on the same day she did as well. (March 10)
  • Falin's birth flower was a rose. Illumine put a white rose in his hand to symbolize his purity during his funeral.[71]
  • Falin had a fortune cookie once that read 'It doesn't matter. Who is without a flaw?'
  • Falin's last words were; "Do you know where hell is? It's in your mind."[72]


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    • Year 6: Chapter 6 - A Soul Set Free (Mentioned only)
    • Year 6: Chapter 7 - I Watched Him Die (Mentioned only)
  • Evil Little Follower
    • Chapter 1 - A Child Called Evil (First appearance)
    • Chapter 2 - Born to Be Used
    • Chapter 3 - Brilliant Peace; Leaving
    • Chapter 4 - Last Day on the Train; Muggle Home
    • Chapter 5 - Breakfast; The Park
    • Chapter 6 - Worse Than We Feared
    • Chapter 7 - I Do Love Him
    • Chapter 8 - Prophesy
    • Chapter 9 - Old Man Rhoorest
    • Chapter 10 - Attack; Abandoned
    • Chapter 11 - I Promise
    • Chapter 12 - Sleepover; Disappointment
    • Chapter 13 - October 19th, 1989
    • Chapter 14 - Child's Sweet Laughter
    • Chapter 15 - Moments Like This
    • Chapter 16 - Hogwarts
  • Dark Paradise
    • Chapter 1 - Dark, Mysterious Paradise (First mentioned)
    • Chapter 2 - Hogwarts (Mentioned only)
    • Chapter 3 - Grown and Gone (Mentioned only)
    • Christmas Break: Chapter 9 - Right All Along (Mentioned only)
    • Christmas Break: Chapter 10 - Chocolate Frogs (Mentioned only)
    • Year 1: Chapter 13 - The Little Falin (Mentioned only)
    • Summer Break: Chapter 17 - Adoption (Mentioned only)
    • Year 2: Chapter 4 - Last Will and Testament (portrait)
    • Year 2: Chapter 5 - Suspend Disbelief (portrait)
    • Year 2: Chapter 8 - Morning Coffee (Mentioned only)
    • Year 2: Chapter 9 - Our Sons and Daughters (Mentioned only)
    • Christmas Break: Chapter 1 - The Other Malfoy (Mentioned only)



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Notes and References

All information on this character was taken from the story The Boy No One Knew, Evil Little Follower and Dark Paradise. All images shown on this Wiki for this character were taken from the Harry Potter movies.

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