Falin's Room in Snape's House

Devil's Abode- Falin's room

Falin's room. View from window: dirt road, broken houses, front lawn.

Falin moved into this room in late 1988. The room is described as small and dark, dimly lit with an old bed. The chair seen in the piture above was there for Severus to sit up with Falin when he had nightmares. 
Falin young

Falin in his room


The footlocker seen at the foot of the bed is the one mentioned in chapter 55 (year 3 chapter 9) where Falin slept IN the footlocker rather than on his bed because he wrecked his room. 


All information on this room was taken from the story The Boy No One Knew and Evil Little Follower. All images shown on this Wiki for this room were modeled based solely on the description of the room in the books.

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