Eloise Lorayne List
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The Dark Prophesy Trilogy

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  • Ell
  • Lou
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Dark Brown

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Eloise Lorayne List was a muggle and the daughter of Kelly Evers and Ian List. Already harboring prejudices against her magical cousins, Eloise became bitter as she grew older, and even more so after her parents' divorce in 2005.


Eloise grew up in the small city of Dawnsbrook, in the loving home of muggles Kelly and Ian List.

Eloise had always been a rather cold and unapproachable child, due to her jealousy towards her magical family. Eloise's friendliness with other children was little to none, and as a consequence, she became more and more unsocial everywhere she went. Though her mother and teachers tried desperately to change her anti-social behavior, it only grew worse as she got older.


From the Old French name Héloïse, which is probably from the Germanic name Helewidis, composed of the elements heil "hale, healthy" and wid "wide". It is sometimes associated with the Greek word ‘ηλιος (helios) "sun" or the name Louise, though there is not likely an etymological connection. This name was borne in the 12th century by Saint Eloise, the wife of the French theologian Peter Abelard. She became a nun after her husband was castrated by her uncle. There was a medieval English form of this name, Helewis, though it died out after the 13th century. In the 19th century it was revived in the English-speaking world in the form Eloise.


All information on this character was taken from the story Dark Paradise. All images shown on this Wiki for this character were chosen based solely on the description of the character in the books.

Please note that everything in this Wiki about this character is accurate and has many sources for its information. Thank you.

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