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Character Sidebars Edit

Blank Sheet:

{{sidebar character
|name =
|image =
|image2 =
|hidec = (Boolean)
|series =
|story =
|smart =
|creative =
|initiative =
|emotion =
|sanity =
|strength =
|magic =
|social =
|other =
|hideb = (Boolean)
|birth =
|death =
|blood =
|marriage =
|aka =
|titles =
|signature =
|hidep = (Boolean)
|species =
|gender =
|hair =
|eyes =
|skin =
|hidef = (Boolean)
|family =
|hidem = (Boolean)
|boggart =
|wand =
|patronus =
|hidea = (Boolean)
|occupation =
|house =
|loyalty =

Filled-in Example:

{{sidebar character
|name = Harry Potter
|image = [[File:Harry potter.jpg|250px]]
|hidec = n
|series = [[The Dark Prophesy Trilogy]]
|story = 
*[[The Boy No One Knew]]
*[[Dark Paradise]]
|hideb = n
|blood = {{HP|Pureblood}}
|hidep = n
|species = Human
|gender = Male
|hair = Brown
|eyes = Blue
|skin = Light
|hidef = n
|family = 
*[[James Potter]] (father)
*[[Lily Evans]] (mother)
|hidem = n
|patronus = Stag
|hidea = n
|house = [[Gryffindor]]

References Edit


How to: (remove * to apply to a page)

Hermione Granger is in Gryffindor. <ref name="Hermione Gryffindor">{{HP|Hermione Granger}}</ref>


Appearances Edit


Hermione Granger

How to:

[[Hermione Granger]]

<div class="appear">
**The Boy No One Knew
**Dark Paradise
**The Apocalypse
**Lost in Your Eyes
**Home in Wiltshire

Redirects Edit

How to:

#REDIRECT [[<''redirect page here''>]]

Themes Edit



How to:

{{Youtube Player
|PlaylistURL=v/<''your url here''>

Note: If you want the song to autoplay upon entering a page, put a 1 after |Autoplay=. If you want it to be manual, instead use a 2.

Deleting PagesEdit

If you think that the wiki contains an unnecessary page, post the Delete template on the page so that our admins can put it into consideration for deletion.


How to:

This template is used to mark pages for deletion, categorizing them in Category:Candidates for deletion.
Type {{delete}} on the page to be deleted.

The VisualEditor

Wikia editor2

The classic editor

Editing on FANDOM is as simple as clicking the 'Edit' button on a page. Doing so will take you to an edit page where you can make changes to the page and add new information and media, correct errors, or update the formatting.

Depending on whether you are logged in, you may receive a different editing experience:

Help: VisualEditor
Most anonymous and newer users will see the VisualEditor. It's a completely new editing experience based around showing you an accurate visual representation of your changes.
Help: Classic editor
Other users will see the classic editor, including the older visual editing experience and basic source wikitext editing.

Quick tips

Once you're in an editor, you can use the available tools to quickly add and remove information, change the formatting, add new images and videos, update the page's layout and much more! Once you're done making your changes, just click the 'Publish' button to update the page.

Don't be afraid if you 'break' anything. All edits to a page are stored in the page history, and if something does go wrong you can simply revert to an older version.

Choosing an editor

Logged in users can choose their default editor from a dropdown list in their user preferences (found here).

Setting Meaning
FANDOM's new VisualEditor Shows the new VisualEditor on all communities
FANDOM's classic rich-text editor Shows the classic rich-text editor where available. If not, the source editor is shown.
Source editor Shows the basic source editor on all communities

Anonymous users will almost always see the VisualEditor by default. In a few specific cases, the VisualEditor may not be available on a particular community.

Additionally, the alternative editors can still be found under the 'Edit' button dropdown - for example, you can still access the classic editor from the dropdown even if the VisualEditor is the default.

Video tutorial: your first edit

Ready to join in and make your first contribution? This video tutorial gives some tips on how to get started.

Fandom University - Making Your First Contribution02:57

Fandom University - Making Your First Contribution

Further help and feedback

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