Draco Malfoy's house
Draco Malfoy's House
Location information

In between Forbidden Forest and a Muggle town

Permanent residents:

Draco Malfoy's House was a small muggle residence magically split between an unknown muggle town and the Forbidden Forest. Draco Malfoy brought his family to live there in 2000, bringing his childhood childminder Jeannine Lévesque along to keep her as a childminder for his son. Jeannine, who had recently married Sirius Black, dragged her unwilling husband along to live with them there in the small home.


  • Dark Paradise
    • Summer Break: Chapter 14 - Adoption (First appearance)
    • Year 2: Chapter 1 - Back-To-School Blackmaile (Mentioned only)
    • Christmas Break: Chapter 2 - There Was a Girl
    • Christmas Break: Chapter 3 - Return of the Strays

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