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Q) What kind of animal did Falin take with him to Hogwarts?
A) A cat named Calysta.
Q) How old was Illumine when she started Hogwarts, and what year did she jump to?
A) She was ten, and she jumped to the third year.
Q) Is Falin's jealousy towards Serenia a stage of the Madness, or because of what Falin experienced as a child?
A) Falin's initial jealousy towards his half-sister is due to the fact that he fears his father will love her more and provide a better life for her, the kind of life he hadn't gotten.
Q) Will we get to see how Annenia and Severus fall in love?
A) No, the story doesn't really go very deeply into that, however, in chapter 11 of the story Evil Little Follower, you can see the love slowly building, however the story skips from then to when Serenia Snape was born with very little explanation in between.
Q) What does the prophesy mean?
A) The answer to that question is not yet available. You'll have to wait and read Dark Paradise before that question can be answered without handing out spoiler alerts.
Q) Did Bellatrix honestly want to stay? If so, why did she leave?
A) Yes, she did want to stay. Unfortunately, her love for Lord Voldemort was greater than her love for her children, so she left.
Q) Omg wait that prophecy...ahh I'm so intrigued to find out what the last part means! History shall repeat itself? Will it be Mirianda's baby??
A) Once again, I'm afaid you'll have to wait for the sequel to The Boy No One Knew, which is Dark Paradise before I can answer that question.
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